How to Store Belongings

Personal belongings can be stored in the bedside table or cabinet. Dentures or eyeglasses should be stored in cases. Small items should not be wrapped in paper towels or tissues because they may be mistaken for trash. The hospital will not be responsible for the safety of your personal belongings or money.


At the hospital, three meals are served daily. Each day, you will receive a menu of food choices for the next day. Your nurse or dietician can tell you the general meal timings and guide you to make choices. If you miss a meal because of tests or treatments, your nurse can arrange for you to receive it upon your return. A registered dietician plans your meals. If you want to discuss your diet or if you have special food requirements, ask your nurse to contact the dietician.

Safety Policies

The following safety policies are to be followed:


While at the hospital, in case you hear a fire alarm, stay where you are. The hospital sometimes conducts fire drills to keep staff members update in fire safety and to test its alarm system. In case of a fire, staff members will direct you to safety.


In-house telephone is available throughout the hospital for free calls within the hospital.

Visitors Hours

Visitors are allowed only during below mentioned visiting hours. Monday - Saturday: 1 pm - 2 pm and 5 pm - 7 pm Sundays & Holidays: 10 am - 1 pm and 5 pm - 7 pm


The nursing staff will show you how to raise and lower the bed. Please do not try to get out of bed unless your doctor or nurse says it is okay. Your bed should always be in the "low" position when you get in or out of it. A nursing staff can help you with its adjustment. Your doctor or nurse may decide whether there is a specific medical reason for your bed rails to be raised. If so, please do not lower them yourself or allow a visitor to do so for you. Use the call signal to get a nursing staff if you need assistance.


Your nursing team includes Nursing Supervisors, Head Nurses, Staff Nurses, Nursing Assistants and others. The nursing team will plan your nursing care. On each shift, a specific registered nurse will supervise your care. If you have a question or face a problem, you can speak to your assigned nurses/nursing supervisor. The nursing staff will show you how to use the call signal in your room. They will respond to your call immediately.

Blood Bank

The Blood Bank at Mother Hospital is a modern state of art facility offering Blood Component Therapy. Our blood bank provides 24x7 services and 100% voluntary blood collection and testing facilities that follows proper systems to ensure good quality of blood. We welcome blood donations by your family and friends. With your doctor's approval, their compatible blood will be reserved for you in case you need it.

Medical Record Access

The Medical Record is a confidential document and access is limited to the patient and authorized persons. The patient can get a copy of his or her medical records by completing and signing an authorization form.


The hospital has a 24 hours IP and OP pharmacy.

Transportation by Ambulance

If you are in need of Ambulance service for patient transfer, please contact the front office reception on +91-487-2434100

Patient Satisfaction

We care about the quality of your hospital stay. Please fill up the feedback form provided to you and drop the same in the drop boxes provided. In case of any complaints or emergency please contact: +91-487-2434805

Follow-up Visits

Your doctor may schedule a return visit to check on your progress. Please take note of the day and time.


  • Respect to individual special preferences, spiritual and cultural needs
  • Right to Personal Dignity and Privacy
  • Right against Protection from physical abuse or neglect
  • Right to Confidentiality
  • Right to Refusal of treatment
  • Right to Additional Opinion
  • Right to Informed Consents
  • Right to voice Complaints
  • Right to know about Expected Cost
  • Right to Access to clinical records


  • Provide complete and accurate information about his/her health
  • To ask questions and understand all about his /her disease and treatment
  • Abide by all hospital rules and regulations
  • Comply with “no smoking” policy
  • Comply with visitor policies to ensure the rights and comfort of all patients
  • To be in time in case of appointments and to give prior information before cancel or reschedule
  • Provide complete information in billing section for the purpose of insurance claim
  • To communicate with healthcare provider if his/her condition worsens or does not follow the expected course
  • To pay for services billed in a timely manner as per the hospital policies
  • To take medications with the consent of doctor and healthcare professional